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We help leaders in  make equity real.

Our Values

The PC Way is rooted in core beliefs about equity and humanity.

We believe in the power of color to find solutions to tough challenges.

We believe everyone should be valued.

We believe in the power of safe environments.

We believe in the power of collaboration with unlikely partners.

     We believe in confronting the ugly so we can move us closer to the beauty of what is possible.

We believe that the strategies of oppressed  communities hold value and will protect us all.

 We believe that humanity should not have to shrink, hide or shadow who they truly are.

We believe in equity.

We believe in people being.


We design equity. We support leaders. We (re) define culture.

Pink Cornrows is a national majority femme and people of color public policy, communications and social impact firm catalyzing equity across industries to achieve one simple (yet not easy) goal: a world that works for all humans.

Teams often get judged on their resume; when you see us, you’ll see lawyers, researchers, policymakers, tech enthusiasts, campaign strategists, artists and educators. We’ve won awards for our work, led large-scale national initiatives, and trained across the globe. And that matters. More important is who we are when you peel back those layers: we’re problem-solvers, planters, and boundary-pushers. And we’re experts not only because of our achievements, but because of our ability to weave our culture with our practice–and successfully bringing others along so we collectively engage in new ways of thinking to create what’s possible.

We’re building a future where we all thrive. Let’s make equity more than a buzzword. Let’s make equity real.

Portfolio + Services

We determine the needs of each client. A deep toolbox, a track record of impact, and a commitment to equity. Ingredients of agile problem solvers.

Equity, Leadership & Organizational Culture

Diversity & Inclusion is vital, but we have to go beyond trainings and conversations. Why? Because we all deserve to be in any space with dignity, respect, without fear. Change happens when we welcome diverse representation, learning and leaders. How our world treats communities tomorrow has everything to do with how intentional we remedy our environments today. We advise leaders on effective data-informed policies and practices that advance fairness in their internal and external practices, policies and people dynamics. Some of our offerings include:

Equity Mindset Trainings

Culture Assessments

Change Management

Affinity Group Formation & Support

Executive, Managerial and C-Suite Coaching

Organizational Mediation & Conflict Resolution

Curriculum Development

Research & Public Policy

Mass inequality requires mass reconstruction. Our experiences as public servants inside local and national government, nonprofits and foundations informs how we develop transformational responses to the most pressing social challenges we’re facing. From drafting legislation to conducting research to make budgetary decisions, we know that advancing mass change is a necessary driver in achieving social equity. There are several ways we support our partners make their decisions, including:

Quantitative & Qualitative Social Research

Root Cause Analysis & Power Mapping

Local and National Government Relations & Policy Advisement

Building Future of Work Diversity Pipelines

Philanthropy & Funding Landscape Analyses

Data-Informed Campaign Creation & Facilitation

Social Impact, Communications & Public Engagement

We show people they can make a difference. And when we say action, that’s what we mean. We believe social change is a creative venture, and we’ve been behind some of the leading humanitarian, social justice and culture shifting movements in the past decade. From producing the official PSA for the transition of global leader Nelson Mandela to designing social responsibility strategies that matter, our team has been commissioned to lead engaging projects intended to influence, motivate and inspire audiences to participate in change.

Movement & Issue Campaigns

Civic Engagement Strategy

Narrative Development

Influencer & Entertainment Impact Management

Corporate Social Responsibility 

Digital & Content Directing


Meet some of the teams we’ve supported:

Meet the Founder

Ifeoma Ike, M.A., J.D., LL.M.

Founder & Equity Weaver

Ifeoma Ike is a first-generation social designer on a mission to normalize the practice of equity. With a background in law, communications, org psychology, research and policy, Ifeoma’s practice is informed by an extensive career–from Wall Street to Capitol Hill. She is the former Deputy Executive Director for the City of New York’s Mayors Office, where she directed mass strategies to make equity real, including building one of the nation’s leading teacher recruitment strategies, NYC Men Teach, as well as launching the city’s multi-agency Equity Committee. Ifeoma has trained teams within the United States, Haiti, the United Kingdom and within the continent of Africa and serves as a thought partner for industry leaders across the globe seeking to improve systems through sustainable methods and creative solutions.

A social justice advocate, Ifeoma’s footprint includes co-facilitating the creation of two historic congressional caucuses to address the ongoing violence towards Black lives. She is also the creator of Black Policy Lab, which empowers communities to solve social issues through data, research and legislation. She is the first African-American to serve on the board of the Women’s Prison Association and is a board member of Mt. Sinai Hospital Diversity Innovation Hub. She’s been recognized for her impact by the National Bar Association, American Bar Association, her alma maters–West Virginia University, CUNY Law School and The George Washington University–and Huffington Post as a longtime activist of Black lives. She is a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., a historically African-American sorority. In 2019, Ifeoma was recognized by HBO x Vanity Fair’s “Because of Her” campaign for her commitment to equity.

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